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Indoor climbing course

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Climbing for beginners

Includes: 1. Basics in climbing. Climbing knots. 2. Climbing on Top-rope. Grip.3. Rules in Lead Climbing. Climbing Fall Principles and Impact Force.4. Basic Belay techniques. 5. Belay techniques when Lead Climbing. 6. Cleaning Off a Sport Anchor.7. Practice .8. Exam. Sertificate, Price: 90Euro, 8 Training Sessions (14 - 16 hrs)


Introducing the

Improve in Climbing

  • 1. Practicing lead climbing and belaying (with Reverso and Gri-Gri)

    2. Rapel.

    3. How to warm -up. Practicing climbing and belaying.

    4. Techniques of movement.

    5. Techniques of foot move. Weight impact.

    6. Theory of Hold Types. Body positions: upper part.

    7. Body positions - down part. Practicing

    8. Tactics basics. Climbing styles - Onsight, Flash, Redpoint climbing.

    9. Basic Strenght and Conditioning Rules for Climbers.

    10. Game - competition. Trying hard routes.

    11.Psychological part of Climbing. Mobilisation

    12. Exam. Sertificate

  • 185 Euro (12 TrainignSessions, ~24 hours)


Introducing the

Personal Climbing Course

  • Personal training classes follow the same program as the main ones. Their priority is that the time of the course is fixed, according to the client and can not be replaced or mixed with other people. The price is same and so the duration time.

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